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Prescription Drug Update from UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) has advised that they are discontinuing their SignatureValue HMO Formulary and transitioning clients to the UnitedHealthcare Prescription Drug List (PDL) UnitedHealthcare further advised the change is a global initiative to align all HMO plans with the UnitedHealthcare PDL for consistency across all products.  Please note that this change is effective May 1, 2022.

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UnitedHealthcare New Updated ID Cards

UnitedHealthcare has updated its plan participant ID cards, in compliance with the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA) and the health transparency measures.  As a result, plan participants enrolled in UnitedHealthcare will be receiving a new ID card in the near future.  The ID card also includes new prescription benefit codes that need to be shared with your pharmacy.  If you have any questions, please call the Plan Administrative Office at (800) 924-1226.

New ID Card Letter Informing Members

New ID Card Letter